2015 Beacon Bunny Run

The date is now fixed for the 2015 event – Sunday 19th April

Following our successful pattern there will the 3k Fun Run for those of you who want to enjoy yourselves as a family and the 10k Run for those who wish for the more serious event.

Both will take place in the Beacon Hill Country Park close to Loughborough

3k winners the pictures and the full results

3k 2014lucas Rodriguez             Steve Armfield              Caitlin Plummer        Helen van Ardt

Iwan Pavard                    Steve Armfield                  Caitlan Plummer             Helen van Aardt

lucas Rodriguez            louis Jackobson              Lexie McLoughlin         Alicia Wood

Lucas Rodriguez                   Louis Jackobson            Lexie McLoughlin             Alicia Wood

Josh Bowman                 Emily Bell                                        rebecca van aart

Josh Bowman                                  Emily Bell                                               Rebecca van Aardt

1st Girls Under 7

Race Director Garner Roberts with Nicola White (complete with Olympics bronze medal) who presented the winners with their medals

Race Director with3K Excel Full results-13K Excel Full results-23K Excel Full results-33K Excel Full results-4

10k winners, the pictures and the full results

10k 2014    Josh Gilbert-Weaver      Ashley Miles      winner ladies 10k      Dorota Brynkiewicz

Josh Gilbert-Weaver            Ashley Miles          Sonya Campbell         Dorota Brynkiewicz

Brent Stevenson      Steve Hammond      Karen Doleman      

Over 45′s

Brent Stevenson            Steve Hammond            Karen Doleman         Heather Brownell

Full Results for 2014

10k Full Results-1-210k Full Results-2-210k Full Results-3-3